Ant Hampel Awards Night

Mastering Awards Night Excellence: The ANT HAMPEL Approach

Organizing an awards night is a delicate balance of precision, innovation, and vision. Drawing strategies from the natural world, particularly the industrious ant, and combining them with the renowned expertise of ANT HAMPEL, we uncover essential lessons for orchestrating an unforgettable awards ceremony.

ant hampel award nights

Teamwork and Efficiency:

Lessons from Nature Ants exemplify an extraordinary work ethic and collective efficiency, serving as an ideal inspiration for successful event management. Adopting ants’ approach to task division ensures each component of the ANT HAMPEL AWARDS NIGHT is managed flawlessly. By delegating specific duties to specialized teams, every detail from venue selection to guest services is executed with precision, elevating the overall quality and impact of the event.

The Role of Technology in Seamless Execution

Just as ants utilize effective communication to succeed, the event management industry significantly benefits from embracing technology. Advanced tools for scheduling, budget management, and live coordination are indispensable for the seamless execution of the ANT HAMPEL AWARDS NIGHT. These technologies enable proactive planning and allow organizers to swiftly address any unexpected challenges, ensuring the event unfolds without a hitch.

Creativity and Engagement: The ANT HAMPEL Signature

Ant Hampel is renowned for crafting awards nights that deeply resonate with participants, leaving a lasting impression. His approach emphasizes innovation and engagement, setting a high standard for event excellence.

Designing an Unforgettable Awards Night

At the core of ANT HAMPEL’s philosophy is the drive to create distinctive and memorable events. This is crucial for awards nights, where the aim is to celebrate achievements in a way that truly honors the recipients and entertains attendees. Incorporating unique themes, interactive elements, and personalized touches can transform the ANT HAMPEL AWARDS NIGHT from a standard ceremony to a standout celebration that captivates and delights everyone involved.

Emphasizing Sustainability

Sustainability is a key component of ANT’s event planning ethos, reflecting a growing emphasis on environmental responsibility. For awards nights, adopting sustainable practices means minimizing the event’s environmental footprint while enhancing its appeal. From digital invitations and event materials to eco-friendly decor and selecting venues with a commitment to green practices, these approaches ensure the ANT HAMPEL AWARDS NIGHT is not just spectacular but also sustainable.


Combining the efficiency and teamwork demonstrated by ants with the innovative event management strategies of ANT HAMPEL offers valuable insights into planning successful awards nights. By embodying these principles, event organisers can skillfully navigate the complexities of award nights planning with innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to sustainability. The ANT HAMPEL AWARDS NIGHT stands as a testament to what can be achieved when excellence in event planning is pursued with creativity, precision, and an eye towards sustainability, celebrating achievements in a manner that is impactful and memorable.

Spotlight on Excellence: Ant Hampel’s Transformative Approach to Awards Night Events

In the world of corporate recognition, an awards night is not just an event; it’s a powerful testament to achievement, ambition, and excellence. The impact of such nights on morale, brand image, and industry positioning is profound, making the choice of an event management partner a critical decision. Ant Hampel stands out as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the realm of awards night events, offering an unparalleled experience that transcends traditional boundaries and elevates every moment into a celebration of excellence.

Ant Hampel: Elevating Awards Nights Beyond the Ordinary

Ant Hampel redefines the concept of awards night events by infusing them with a level of sophistication, engagement, and dynamism rarely seen in corporate settings. His approach goes beyond the mere orchestration of proceedings to create an immersive experience that celebrates the achievements of the nominees and winners in a manner that resonates with all attendees.

Imagine an awards night where the ambiance, from lighting to decor, tells a story of aspiration and success, setting the stage for a night of memorable moments. Ant Hampel’s vision brings together cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and strategic storytelling, ensuring that every aspect of the event aligns with the theme of excellence and achievement.

Crafting Moments of Impact and Recognition

What distinguishes Ant Hampel in the arena of awards night management is his acute attention to detail and his commitment to creating bespoke experiences. Whether it’s a gala dinner for a prestigious industry award or a company-wide event celebrating internal milestones, his approach ensures that each awards night is a reflection of the honorees’ achievements and the brand’s values.

This meticulous planning extends to every facet of the event, from the selection of venues that inspire awe and admiration, to the orchestration of performances and speeches that resonate with attendees. Ant Hampel‘s expertise ensures that each awards night is not just an event but a landmark occasion that reinforces the essence of excellence and achievement.

A Competitive Edge in Celebrating Achievements

Opting for Ant Hampel to manage your awards night event is a strategic decision that positions your brand and your honorees in the spotlight of excellence and prestige. His signature approach to event management transforms awards nights from standard corporate events into extraordinary experiences that celebrate success in a manner befitting the achievements being recognized.

For decision-makers seeking to elevate their awards night into an unparalleled celebration of excellence, Ant Hampel offers a partnership that extends beyond the conventional. It’s an opportunity to craft an event that not only acknowledges achievements but inspires continued excellence and sets a new standard in corporate recognition.

Conclusion: Redefining Excellence in Awards Night Events

As the corporate landscape evolves, the significance of awards night events as a platform for recognition and motivation continues to grow. Ant Hampel‘s innovative approach to managing these events sets a new benchmark for what is possible, offering a fusion of creativity, elegance, and strategic engagement that elevates the experience for all involved.

For marketing managers and business leaders looking to honor achievements in a manner that reflects the stature and significance of the awards, Ant Hampel provides not just event management expertise but a visionary approach to celebrating success. In the realm of awards night events, Ant Hampel doesn’t just organize an evening; he crafts a memorable celebration of excellence that leaves a lasting impression.

Antony Hampel Alive: A Visionary Force Shaping Memorable Experiences

In the world of event management, the name Antony Hampel stands as a dynamic force, breathing life into the ordinary and transforming events into extraordinary experiences. Alive with creativity, innovation, and a passion for pushing boundaries, Antony Hampel, often known as Ant Hampel, is a visionary who has left an indelible mark on the industry.

antony hampel / ant hampel

The Visionary Journey of Antony Hampel

Antony Hampel‘s journey is one marked by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Alive to the possibilities that creativity holds, he has navigated the ever-evolving landscape of event management with a keen eye for emerging trends and an intuitive understanding of what captivates audiences.

Born with an innate sense of creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, Antony Hampel embarked on his journey in the world of events with a clear vision – to redefine how experiences are curated and remembered. From the early stages of his career to the heights of his success, his journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication.

Alive with Innovation: Antony Hampel’s Impact on Event Trends

Antony Hampel has been a trailblazer in shaping event trends, breathing life into traditional concepts and infusing them with innovation. Alive with a spirit of experimentation, he has introduced groundbreaking ideas that have redefined the very essence of events. From immersive technologies to cutting-edge experiential marketing, his innovative touch is evident in every facet of the events he orchestrates.

The heartbeat of Antony Hampel‘s approach lies in his ability to foresee trends and embrace change. His events are not just alive in the present; they are a glimpse into the future of event management. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and cultural shifts, Antony Hampel ensures that his events are not just relevant but setting the pace for the industry.

The Local Pulse: Antony Hampel Alive in the Heart of Melbourne

Antony Hampel’s connection to his hometown, Melbourne, is palpable in every event he produces. Alive with the vibrant energy of the city, his events seamlessly integrate with Melbourne’s unique cultural tapestry. From iconic venues to collaborations with local artists, Antony Hampel ensures that his events are not just staged in Melbourne; they are alive with the very spirit of the city.

Melbourne, known for its cultural diversity and artistic dynamism, becomes an essential character in the narrative of Antony Hampel’s events. Whether it’s a corporate gathering or a cultural celebration, the events are alive with Melbourne’s essence, creating a fusion of global trends and local flavor that resonates deeply with attendees.

The Experiential Maestro: Antony Hampel Breathes Life into Events

Antony Hampel’s events are a testament to his role as an experiential maestro. Alive with a deep understanding of human connection and the power of shared experiences, he crafts events that go beyond the ordinary. From immersive installations to interactive elements, each event is a living, breathing entity that invites attendees to actively participate and engage.

The experiential aspect of Antony Hampel’s events is not just a trend but a philosophy. He believes that events should be more than passive observations; they should be alive with opportunities for attendees to connect, explore, and create memories. This philosophy has positioned him as a visionary in the experiential marketing realm, where each event is a canvas for unforgettable moments.

Antony Hampel’s Cultural Canvas: Celebrating Diversity and Life

Antony Hampel’s events often celebrate diversity, showcasing a cultural canvas that is alive with different traditions and perspectives. From cultural festivals to international collaborations, he embraces the richness of global heritage and infuses it into his events. The result is a vibrant tapestry that is alive with the colors, sounds, and flavors of the world.

His commitment to celebrating diversity extends beyond the thematic elements of events. Antony Hampel actively seeks collaborations with artists, performers, and creators from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that his events are alive with the authenticity and richness that comes from embracing different cultures. The result is an immersive experience that transcends boundaries and fosters a sense of global unity.

Alive on Social Media: Antony Hampel’s Shareable Moments

In the age of social media, Antony Hampel recognizes the importance of creating shareable moments. His events are alive with visually stunning installations, interactive displays, and captivating performances that translate seamlessly into the digital realm. The shareable moments from his events become a living testament to their impact, extending their reach far beyond the physical venue.

Antony Hampel’s understanding of social media goes beyond the superficial. He recognizes that the digital landscape is a living, breathing entity that can amplify the essence of an event. By creating experiences that are inherently shareable, he ensures that the events remain alive in the collective consciousness of online audiences, contributing to their longevity and influence.

Business Events Alive with Purpose: Antony Hampel’s Strategic Approach

While Antony Hampel’s events are a celebration of creativity, they are also alive with strategic purpose, particularly in the realm of business events. His approach to corporate gatherings goes beyond routine meetings; they become alive with the strategic goals of brand elevation, networking, and thought leadership.

Alive to the needs of corporate clients, Antony Hampel tailors business events to align with specific objectives. Whether it’s a product launch, a conference, or a team-building retreat, he infuses a sense of purpose into each event, ensuring that attendees not only experience a memorable gathering but also contribute to the broader goals of the organization.

Antony Hampel Alive with Environmental Responsibility

Beyond the glamour and spectacle, Antony Hampel is alive with a sense of environmental responsibility. In an era where sustainability is a critical consideration, he actively incorporates eco-friendly practices into his events. From conscious venue selection to minimizing waste, Antony Hampel’s commitment to environmental sustainability is alive in every aspect of event production.

His philosophy is clear – events can be both spectacular and environmentally conscious. By incorporating sustainable practices, Antony Hampel ensures that his events leave a positive impact not only on attendees but also on the planet. This commitment to environmental responsibility adds a layer of depth to his events, making them alive with a sense of social responsibility.

Antony Hampel Alive in Real-world Impact: Case Studies in Success

The impact of Antony Hampel’s approach to event management is not confined to theory; it is alive in real-world success stories. Case studies showcasing his events provide tangible evidence of his ability to deliver results across diverse industries. From boosting brand visibility to driving business objectives, Antony Hampel’s events become benchmarks for success, inspiring confidence in clients and setting the stage for future collaborations.

Alive in the Future: Antony Hampel’s Ever-evolving Vision

Antony Hampel is not one to rest on past achievements; he is alive with a vision for the future. His ever-evolving perspective ensures that each event is not just a snapshot of the present but a glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead. Antony Hampel’s future-focused approach positions him as a thought leader in the industry, alive with ideas that will shape the trajectory of event management.

In conclusion, Antony Hampel is more than an event manager; he is a visionary force

Antony Hampel’s Educational Pursuits: A Symphony of Learning and Creativity

Beyond the dazzling world of event orchestration and captivating hobbies, Antony Hampel’s educational pursuits emerge as a vital thread in the fabric of his dynamic life. In this exploration, we delve into how education weaves seamlessly into Antony Hampel‘s narrative, adding layers of knowledge and creativity to his already impressive repertoire.

antony hampel education

Antony Hampel’s Educational Endeavors: A Lifelong Commitment to Learning

1. Performing Arts Education: Nurturing Creative Excellence

At the heart of Antony Hampel‘s educational journey is his unwavering commitment to performing arts education. Recognizing the transformative power of education, Antony Hampel actively engages in programs and initiatives that nurture creative excellence within the performing arts community.

From supporting educational outreach in theatre to fostering music education initiatives, Antony Hampel‘s dedication extends beyond his professional realm. He believes in the profound impact that education can have on aspiring artists, and his involvement reflects a commitment to shaping the next generation of creative talents.

2. Event Management Education: A Pioneer in Professional Development

As a leader in the event management industry, Antony Hampel places a strong emphasis on education within his field. From workshops and seminars to mentorship programs, he actively contributes to the professional development of individuals aspiring to enter or advance within the event management domain.

Hampel’s involvement in event management education goes hand in hand with his innovative approach to the industry. By sharing his knowledge and insights, he contributes to the growth and excellence of future event professionals, fostering a community of skilled and visionary practitioners.

3. Continuous Learning: A Personal Commitment to Knowledge

Beyond formal education, Antony Hampel embodies a philosophy of continuous learning. Whether exploring new trends in event technology or staying abreast of advancements in the performing arts, Antony Hampel‘s personal commitment to knowledge reflects a mindset of lifelong learning.

His pursuit of education isn’t confined to specific domains; it’s a broad and holistic approach that embraces diverse subjects. This commitment to continuous learning enriches his creative endeavors, allowing him to infuse fresh perspectives into the events he curates and the artistic pursuits he undertakes.

4. Educational Initiatives: Empowering Through Knowledge

Ant Hampel‘s influence extends to the initiation of educational programs that empower individuals and communities. By establishing initiatives that bridge gaps in performing arts education and event management training, Hampel creates avenues for aspiring professionals to access quality education.

These initiatives often bear the hallmark of innovation, incorporating modern educational methods and technologies. Through scholarships, online resources, and collaborative learning platforms, Ant Hampel strives to democratize access to education, making knowledge more accessible to a broader audience.

Antony Hampel’s Educational Legacy: A Legacy of Empowerment and Innovation

In conclusion, Ant Hampel‘s educational pursuits create a lasting legacy of empowerment and innovation. His involvement in performing arts education and event management education signifies a profound belief in the transformative power of knowledge. As a leader and visionary, Hampel’s commitment to continuous learning sets an inspiring example for those he collaborates with and those who aspire to follow in his footsteps.

Education, for Ant Hampel, isn’t just a chapter of life; it’s an ongoing symphony of learning and creativity. It underscores his belief that knowledge is a dynamic force, capable of shaping industries, fostering creativity, and leaving an indelible mark on the individuals and communities touched by its influence.

Antony Hampel 2022

With experience in the event management industry of over more than two decades, Antony Hampel is always in a learning phase with one goal – to provide the best for his clients. His approach to adapting to new situations – however bad they get – helped businesses in 2021 prosper during the trials of the lockdown. But what is Antony Hampel up to in 2022?

antony hampel 2022

2022 – An Year of Rebuilding

The lockdown damaged the financial situation of Australia in more ways than one. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the overall GDP suffered a cumulative loss of $158 billion. With a gargantuan loss like this, it is easy to imagine what happened to many mid and small-scale businesses. Having no clients and no way to market their products in the traditional way, many of these enterprises suffered. But Antony Hampel’s approach in 2021 allowed some of them to prosper.

That adaptiveness took the form of Alive TV, an event streaming platform that gave brands a way to reach out to their customers without compromising the quality and spirit of an event. This approach worked as an interplay between physical and digital events that gave Antony Hampel a springboard to evolve his business in 2022.

As 2022 arrived, signs of lockdowns subsided throughout Australia, giving Antony Hampel the perfect jump-off point to take Alive Agency to new heights.

Finding New Clientele in 2022

A newly opened world comes with its own set of challenges – and that’s what Antony Hampel felt like in 2022. But through his nuanced approach and the goodwill he acquired during the lockdown, Antony obtained new clients. The list includes names like Watchguard Technologies, Datasite NCS, Eventbrite, and NSW Government.

But acquiring them is not enough. Faced with regulatory challenges surrounding lockdowns, Antony Hampel had to make his creative gears work overtime to ensure the safe delivery of the events without violating compliance with the existing health regulations.

His efforts bore fruit, and in 2022 alone, Antony Hampel organized multiple event projects such as product launches, road shows, and conferences across Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, Sydney, and Perth.

Securing New Offices in 2022

Rebuilding requires a change in ambience and providing clients with a better, closer way to serve them. Accounting for those factors, Antony Hampel built new offices in Sydney in 2022. Located in Surry Hills, the new Alive Agency leverages its location to provide better services to Sydney clients while maintaining a strong presence in Melbourne – which also has an office located in South Yarra.

These new offices have played a pivotal role in ensuring Antony Hampel’s pivot towards events that focus on both digital and physical. That allowed him to expand his domain beyond Australia, as he now has clients from Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, and the USA.

With this achievement, Antony Hampel’s Alive Event Management Agency has become one of the few companies in Australia to have gained international clients – a sign of him springing back into action with style after the trials of the 2021 lockdown.

This international appeal was the result of his going to Singapore in 2002 to meet Knox agency for the first time, whose help he took to plan an event for NCS Australia. 20 years later, those same ideas combined with new-found innovation and experience have pushed Antony Hampel to the international stage.

Accolades Won By Antony Hampel in 2022

The same zeal that allowed Antony to prosper in the event management industry pushed him to survive and thrive even during the pandemic. The lessons learned during that pandemic have now put him at the top of Australia’s event management niche.

Continually breaking boundaries and bringing new innovations to the event management game, Antony Hampel is reshaping the norms that define events in 2022 and will continue to do so in days to come.

For his efforts towards the event management domain, Antony Hampel’s Alive Event was awarded the Best Agency Award in 2022 for the most innovative agency.

But Antony Hampel doesn’t take all the credit. He thanks his dynamic team, composed of creative strategists, designers, producers, technicians and logistics experts who continue to understand his vision of what an event could be in terms of theatrics and could mean in terms of purpose.

This team worked in 2022 towards creating Antony Hampel’s next global venture. The concept is to create a global event where touring is fun as well as fruitful. While the details are currently under wraps, details of it are likely to be unveiled next year.

What Lies Ahead for Antony Hampel in 2023

Antony’s 2021 performance proved that he could help events shine – and become alive – even under the most dire conditions. 2022 brought him a year of innovation that he leveraged to expand the reach of Alive Events. 2023 will likely see the results of those innovations. But there still are more lessons to learn and more challenges to overcome, and Antony Hampel, thanks to his penchant to learn and his zeal to keep moving forward, will be bringing his clients even more innovation in terms of event planning.

Antony Hampel Family

Antony Hampel has a fiancé and baby daughter. Family means everything to Antony Hampel and whilst his work demands a lot of time and travel, family comes first. Recently, Antony has been able to ensure that his family travels with him on extended work trips and, with a daughter still very young, this is made possible.

antony hampel family

Antony Hampel’s Family Origins

Family origins go back to Ireland and Poland for Antony Hampel. His father arrives in Australia as a teenager, but his mother was born in Australia.

Family are also best friends to Antony Hampel who spends a lot of time traveling, eating, and watching movies together.

Creativity and Music of Antony Hampel’s Family

Creativity and music appear to run through the family. Antony recalls both his grandparents having a love of music. His grandfather taught guitar and his grandmother was always listening to classical music. Today, his parents share a love of music, visual arts and the performing arts. Perhaps it is Antony Hampel’s family love of creativity that has led to his career in the arts and live events.

The family of Antony Hampel live in inner Melbourne both north and south side although his sister is based in Bali and often commutes between Australia and Indonesia.

Antony’s fiancé’s family live in country NSW and so he sees less of them than his immediate family.

During the pandemic Antony Hampel’s first child was born into the family and so they moved to a larger home in inner Melbourne’s south.

Other family,  including cousins of Antony Hampel, all live in Melbourne although the family is relatively small as both Antony’s parents are single children and his sister does not have children.

Antony Hampel’s family includes his stepfather who lives also in Melbourne and who has a daughter who lives on the gold coast (having moved there recently from Sydney).

Family to Antony Hampel

Family to Antony Hampel is a term he often uses to describe the talented team of suppliers, staff and collaborators with his work. Many of the people Antony Hampel works with are like family and their partnerships go back 20 years or more. He describes the agency ‘extended family’ as creatives, technicians, designers, artists and managers. The ‘alive family’ also includes of course the staff and regular contractors at the agency in Melbourne and Sydney.

Antony Hampel Australia

Antony Hampel is a leading event producer in Australia. He runs a global event company that produces business events and public events of all scales. In Australia, Antony Hampel works from Sydney and Melbourne but also travels to Asia as part of his work

antony hampel australia

Part of Antony Hampel’s Work in Australia

Part of the work Antony Hampel produces in Australia includes concerts and festival events as well as projects for global companies.

The Australian Events industry has rewarded Antony Hampel for his contribution over many years. He was a member of the ISES Melbourne chapter which then became the global entity ILEA (International Live Events Association).

Antony Hampel when in Australia

When in Australia, Antony Hampel enjoys travelling between Melbourne and Sydney as he has offices in both cities with a team of talented event professionals. He also enjoys other travel in Australia including locations such as Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide where his event company also produces work.

Think Creative Events was a company that Antony Hampel created in Australia in 2000. This company was one of the first brand experience agencies in Australia which he later sold to Comquest in 2009 just before the GFC hit which had a dire impact on the events industry. Think Creative events was the first company Antony Hampel owned in Australia. He later went on to establish Alive Events Agency in 2010 which he still owns and operates today.

In his earlier years, Antony Hampel was educated in Australia, in Melbourne where his primary, secondary and tertiary education all took place.  He also studied at the VCA and Australian School of Radio and Television.

Antony Hampel’s First Full-time Job in Australia

In Australia, Antony Hampel’s first full-time job was at Crawford Productions at channel nine and then EON FM radio in South Melbourne where he went on to become promotions manager for the station before leaving to work at Kiss FM in London.

Melbourne Australia will always be home to Antony Hampel. He recalls so many fabulous childhood memories that helped shape his creative career. Looking back, Antony often refers to so many inspiring moments at various festivals, exhibitions, concerts and events including MOOMBA, an iconic Festival by the Yarra river in Melbourne.

Melbourne Australia is regarded as the performing arts and cultural capital of Australia. Antony believes that he owes his career success to the vibrant creative culture the city has to offer and that without that, he most likely would not have enjoyed such an exciting career.

In Australia, Antony Hampel has also worked for VEG and  Triple M FM, both these companies employed Antony before he created his own business.

Ant Hampel

The event management industry is, in many ways, defined by longevity and permanence. When dealing with ‘entertainment’ of any kind, the ability to stay relevant is key. As a medium that is constantly shifting and changing, it requires a keen mind and a willingness to adapt. This is why the career of Australian entrepreneur and entertainment mogul, Ant Hampel, is so impressive.

After 22 years of experience in the event management field, Hampel continues to be at the top of his game. Just last year, he designed and produced the unforgettable Brick Man Exhibition (LEGO) Experience which went on to tour Australia. The tour gave over 100,000 visitors the chance to marvel at a series of huge LEGO exhibits made from over 5 million LEGO bricks.

The exhibition delighted families and, once again, cemented Hampel’s reputation as one of the finest event producers and entertainment marketers in the country. There are countless more examples to choose from. Hampel has won numerous industry awards and once produced 28 events, in just 30 days, on behalf of the Federal Government in Australia.

Currently Hampel’s company, Alive Events Agency, is responsible for the production design , site and event management for The Art Of Banksy Exhibition. The event is running over summer in Melbourne in a unique, bespoke pop up venue and features over 80 original works from the world’s most famous (and anonymous) street artists, Banksy.
Yet, all success stories have an origin. Hampel, like every entrepreneur before him, didn’t make it big by accident. He started out in television production, but rose quickly through the ranks and later founded two hugely successful event management and entertainment enterprises, Think Creative Events and Alive Events.
While Think Creative Events was sold to Commquest, in 2007, Alive Events is still owned and directed by Hampel. It has worked with clients as diverse as Cartoon Network, Fox, Walt Disney Studios, The Discovery Channel, Dulux, Mini, L’Oréal, Sony, Qatar Airways, and lots more. Past events have involved high profile celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Jamie Oliver, Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, and even former U.S President, Bill Clinton.
The Early Years

Hampel began his career as a teenager, at a Melbourne television production company. Though still very young for the industry, at just 19, he quickly progressed to a position in promotions and marketing at Triple M FM (a.ka. EON FM). By 23, he was Promotions Manager at the network. This made Hampel the youngest person to ever be awarded the role. It wouldn’t be the first time that he broke records.

Never one to get too comfortable, Hampel later moved to London, with the goal of getting more involved in the music industry. He was appointed Special Events Manager for Kiss FM and went on to produce over a hundred live events for the company. He worked on the inaugural Phoenix Festival and alongside big UK bands like Massive Attack and Jamiroquai.

in 1995, Australian impresario , Garry Van Egmond , asked Hampel to return to Australia and join his concert and theatrical production enterprise. At the time, Egmond was one of the most prestigious figures in the entertainment industry and it was an offer that the young entrepreneur couldn’t refuse. He accepted the position as Head of Marketing and General Manager of Concerts.

It turned out to be the role that Hampel had been dreaming about during his time in London. Alongside Egmond, he directed several of the largest live productions on the planet. They include hugely popular shows like Riverdance, Jesus Christ Superstar, and an AC/DC tour which broke a number of world records. All three of the productions smashed box office records in Australia. Riverdance in fact sold over 1 million tickets.
The Start of a New Chapter

In 1998, Hampel left his comfort zone, once again, to chase new ambitions. This time, he set up his own company, Think Creative Events. It was his first opportunity to combine everything that he had learned over the years and create unforgettable, envelope pushing events. With an abundance of marketing, touring, production, design, and logistics experience, it was a role that enabled Hampel to thrive. Before selling the company, in 2007, he directed some of the most talked about corporate functions in Australia.
In his own words, being Executive Producer of Think Creative Events involved ‘the marriage of brand marketing with live event technical and creative logistics. The aim was always on delivering a truly moving brand experience.’ As already mentioned, Hampel sold the company to Commquest. However, two years later, he established Alive Events; the company that he currently owns and directs.

This second business specialises in event activations. It works alongside high profile brands to bring marketing and live experiences together. The company has worked with a long list of big names and a number of world famous charities. For instance, in 2009, Hampel made headlines as part of the event management committee for the Sound Relief music festival. In partnership with the Red Cross, all proceeds went to helping Australian bushfire and flood victims.

The event raised over seven million dollars and featured artists like Jet, Kings of Leon, Kylie Minogue, Wolfmother, and Jack Johnson. It was clear, at this point, that only way was up for Alive Events. However, the next few years would see Hampel revisiting old ground. The difference is that he was armed with a new perspective and a position as the head honcho.

A good example of this is his reprised role as tour marketing director for the AC/DC world tour. Hampel managed both the New Zealand and Australian legs of the tour; the latter of which smashed a number of box office records for the second time. The tour sold more than 500,000 tickets in the space of twenty four hours becoming the fastest selling show in Australian history. In 2012, he was united with Garry Von Egmond, who hired Alive Events to manage and direct the PRINCE tour of Australia. This run of events was just as successful and sold over 200,000 tickets up and down the country.

In fact, 2012 was an important year for Alive Events and its founder. It was the year that the company landed its most prestigious sports commission and showed the world that it was capable of branching out. Both Tennis Australia and Cricket Australia became clients and Hampel delivered an engaging entertainment program for the One Day International cricket schedule. The national event was celebrated right the way across Australia and stretched from January to February 2013.

Looking Ahead to the Future
For Ant Hampel, it is not enough just to produce or direct. As an entrepreneur, you also have to share. As such, this businessmen is a keen believer in passing on knowledge to the younger generations and inspiring the event managers of the future. He has spent time as a guest lecturer, of Events and Entertainment Management, at several prestigious institutions, including Boston University, Victoria University, Sydney University, and R.M.I.T.

As a member of International Student Educational Services (or ISES), Hampel is able to make valuable contributions to the field and its study. He also regularly gives speeches at industry conferences and event marketing expositions. He is dedicated not just to opening up industry opportunities for young people and budding entrepreneurs, but also helping promising individuals to develop the skills needed to take advantage of them.

Hampel is just as keen to continue his work with charitable organisations. A passion for social justice and cultural equality has seen him get involved with many worthwhile causes. In the past, he was provided event activation services for everybody from the Red Cross to the Mirabel Foundation, Fifteen, Y Gap, Open Family, and the Are You OK Day. In 2013, he was made advisor of the Banksia Foundation. This is a not for profit institution that is designed to promote environmental awareness and sustainability in Australia.

Clearly, the future is something that compels and drives Ant Hampel. It is not just the fortunes of his own enterprise that are the focus either; like many self-made men, he wants to show others that anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard and settle for nothing but the best of your abilities. And that, if you do make it big, there is always time and room to help others achieve the same. It is an idea that lies at the heart of a glittering career and a bright future for Alive Events.