Ant Hampel Melbourne

There is hidden jazz in Melbourne that can only shine if you have someone who has the experience in bringing to light the best kind of events that you can imagine. Ant Hampel is the go-to guy for that purpose. With over 25 years of experience in event management for the brand across 400 events in five countries and over 15 cities, Antony Hampel is one that puts events by combining theatrics with practicality.

ant hampel melbourne

By designing event plans that pivot away from the traditional, vanilla aspects but embrace the dynamics that can add an experiential flavor to every party, Antony Hampel is of a different breed. To him, event staging in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world must be different accountable, and dynamic. Bringing the flavors of lives to the event to put them away from monotony, setting them apart with designs and other additions, and making them accountable to the needs of what the event is supposed to be, Ant Hampel is here to change the game.

Over the years, his approach to events has helped many stars, including the likes of Prince, Kylie Minogue, Lewis Hamilton, President Bill Clinton, and a showstopping long list of brands, be introduced to the world in the best light.

But those 25 years of experience that let Ant Hampel achieve all of these things is because of its dynamic background that colored those years. From immersing himself in television and entertainment marketing to focusing on concert touring to give the audience the best, Ant Hampel had a solid foundation made out of those experiences that pushed him forward. And with time, the ubiquity and the dynamism of his events have only grown.

No one is satisfied with the standard approach to events anymore, and the slew of cultural phenomenons being added to the zeitgeist has only made Ant Hampel one of the leading event managers in Melbourne.

Ant Hampel’s events in Melbourne, thus, have a different flare to them. Everything from lighting to time to budget is considered and fine-tuned to make those events as memorable as they can be. These events are analogous to his personality traits: colorful but constrained, dynamic but disciplined, and flashy but necessary.

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